About Us

About Dr. Kenneth Cho

Graduate of Baylor University, B.S.

Graduate of NYU College of Dentistry

NYU College of Dentistry Clinical Associate Professor

Member of American Dental Association

Fellow of International Congress of Osseous Integration

Academy of General Dentistry

New York State Dental Association

Nobel Biocare Certified in Implant Surgery & Restoration

Nobel Biocare Certified in Teeth in Hour & Nobel Guide


Our Philosophy

As we live longer, the expectations for our teeth need to be more demanding. Dr. Cho strives to help his patients maintain stable and predictable oral health throughout their lifetime. Good oral health requires a dentist that is meticulous in the details and has the ability to provide skill and care in a way that lasts.

Your Comfort

We offer the classics from kindness and consideration. We’re best at keeping your experience pain free and relaxed.

Infection Control

We uphold strict standards for your safety. We maintain the highest professional standards for sterilization of all instruments, exceeding all governmental guidelines and requirements.


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